A Messaging and Push Notification Solution that Drives Revenue for eCommerce

Nurture visitors and convert them into buyers with timely and relevant messages personalized based on their shopping experience.

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Craft an Omnichannel Customer Experience

eCommerce companies love targeted messaging because it brings shoppers directly back into the purchasing funnel. Email has been a key channel in promoting products and re-engaging users. Push notifications and SMS have been proven effective in driving sales and revenue by effectively engaging customers in a mobile-first way. Retailers have increasingly adopted in-app messaging to promote to all active shoppers and trigger relevant messaging as they engage with the app. OneSignal offers an industry-leading self-serve suite to build and reach your audience. Messaging creates a seamless experience that bridges the online and the offline, from your digital experiences to your physical locations.

Build Your Customer List

Each visitor is a potential buyer, and each buyer is an invaluable customer. Give your prospects every opportunity to opt-in to become loyal followers of your brand. Every customer has their own communications preferences, so let them choose how they want to hear from you, whether by subscribing to emails, push notifications, or SMS. The larger your customer list, the more effective your promotions, lead to increasing ROI of your user acquisition costs and higher lifetime value of your customer list.

Drive Revenue with Sales and Promotions

Push notifications can account for more than 10 percent of total eCommerce revenue, and Customers also redeem texted coupons 10 times more often than coupons shared over other channels. Turn browsers into buyers more quickly and reliably. Leverage notifications to promote relevant sales, advertise offers, and send holiday specials to generate demand and increase revenue. Notify shoppers about sales and limited-time promotions to motivate action. For those with subscription offerings, you can also use in-app messages to show trial or upgrade modals and explain the benefits of membership or to upsell customers to add more to their recurring purchases.

Recover Lost Revenue

Abandoned cart notifications are key drivers of sales and can increase revenue up to 15 percent. Make the path to purchase as easy as possible by automating abandoned cart messages to convert lost revenue and drive sales. Stay top-of-mind even after shoppers have left your site and remind them of products they’re interested in. Pair the reminder with an exclusive offer to increase the likelihood of purchase. Send price drop notifications when prices change to encourage subscribers to take advantage of the new savings. You can also trigger back-in-stock alerts to let customers know when products they’re interested in are available for purchase again.

Increase Traffic & Re-engage Shoppers

Re-engaging existing users is 5 times cheaper than attempting to acquire new ones. Get shoppers back on your website or app and reconnect with dormant browsers by giving them a reason to come back. Announce new products, advertise sales, highlight seasonal releases, share bestsellers, and provide personalized recommendations to get shoppers excited about your product. You can also strengthen your brand equity and community by investing in your review ecosystem — encourage reviews of purchased items and notify shoppers of new reviews on items they’re interested in. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can use notifications to send pick-up alerts, or target users by location to drive foot traffic and in-store visits.

Turn Customers into Repeat Buyers with our Platform

Notifications can help convert over 60 percent of your subscribers into returning customers. Provide a better post-shopping experience by following up with customers after they make a purchase and recommending complementary items. For example, if a shopper purchased a shirt, recommend pants or accessories that are commonly bought together. If you’re selling a product that will need to be replaced, such as beauty or skincare, proactively reach out to your customers when it’s time to replenish. You can automate messages to celebrate birthdays and account anniversaries with special offers.

Build a Better Shopping Experience

Create a welcome flow to streamline the shopping experience and walk your audience through your site or app. Show them how to get the most out of their shopping trips, such as personalizing their shopping preferences or signing up for early access to new releases. Highlight important functionality to improve their purchase experience, such as enrolling in your rewards program or signing up for a store credit card to earn exclusive discounts and offers. Educate your customers on why they should add on extra protection for their purchases for peace of mind.

Create a Seamless Customer Journey

Timely order confirmations and delivery updates help provide a seamless customer experience and inspire confidence in your brand. Automate messaging workflows and alerts with Journeys, so customers are aware when their accounts have expiring rewards or subscription changes. Use our powerful API to send transactional messages via push, email, or SMS so that customers are kept up-to-date with their account activity. Keeping your customers up to date will improve the customer experience and reduce costs for retailers, including decreasing product returns and other customer service-related costs.

OneSignal plays a crucial role in Inspire Uplift’s overall retention strategy. We love that we are able to build highly tailored segments and automations based on user experience. This allows us to tackle our biggest challenges like Cart Abandonment tactically and efficiently.
YJ Suk

Marketing Manager, MuteSix

Boost Message Engagement

Personalize your messaging by referring to items a shopper favorited or added to their cart. Use rich media to make your messages visually engaging, including using images, gifs, sounds, and videos when relevant. Improve open rates with flexible delivery options, such as Intelligent Delivery, which automatically optimizes message send time based on past user activity. Gather data-driven insights by A/B testing different message elements to optimize your messaging strategy to meet your goals.

Reach the Right Audience

Your casual visitors need different communication and motivation than your top customers. Create targeted audience Segments with filters, data tags, and location data to improve open rates by 50 percent. Filter your audience based on shopper behavior, such as the number of sessions, product detail pages visited, amount of time browsing, purchase history, and amount spent. Automate API-triggered transactional notifications to update your shoppers about their orders or trigger back-in-stock alerts.

Analyze Performance & Build on Your Success

Analytics are important to understand how your messaging strategy impacts your bottom line. Set up Outcome tracking to monitor all the user behaviors and events you care about, without paying more for a third-party provider. You can also analyze Outcomes using multiple attribution methods, so you know what actions occurred as a direct or indirect result of your messaging campaigns. Calculate metrics with Confirmed Delivery data, which reports successful delivery to the end user, so you can gain a more accurate understanding of user engagement.

Enrich Your Messaging With Integrations

OneSignal integrates with leading analytics, CMS, eCommerce, and marketing automation solutions including Google Analytics, HubSpot, Shopify, WordPress, and many more. Create targeted funnels and audiences by linking your OneSignal account with Mixpanel, Segment, Amplitude, and more. You can also share message performance data with other analytics providers you use to gain a more holistic understanding of the factors and channels that move the needle for your company.