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Want to send professional-looking emails? Typically you have to go through high-end marketing email providers, but they get expensive fast. A million subscribers could cost you $50K+ per year! 🤯💸

Transactional email companies may cost less, but their features are limited. That's why we offer Email Composer, a free tool built atop our own affordable email service and also compatible with other popular email providers: Mailgun, SendGrid, and Mailchimp.

Create Emails that Delight

With OneSignal's Email Composer, your messages will look great on every device. Start with our free templates and customize them to match your unique brand. Use our intuitive drag-and-drop composer for a no-code solution, or use our HTML editor for full control.

Maximize conversion by ensuring emails are relevant and timely. OneSignal's Segmentation Editor makes it easy to target exactly the right audience with personalized content based on their location, interests, and purchase activity.

Integrate with Eligible Email Providers

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The Power of Messaging Automation in Your Hands

Set up sophisticated automations with OneSignal’s powerful Segments and time-based triggers and send timely and relevant communications. Automate your sends and personalize your content based on your users’ actions and behavior to increase open rates and engagement.

From our State of Customer Engagement report, apps that use email as part of their omnichannel engagement strategy report the highest install-to-purchase conversion rates.

Easily Grow Your Audience

OneSignal’s customizable web prompt helps you capture your users’ emails and identify your best customers. The slide prompt can automatically synchronize emails, phone numbers, and devices to a single user record for both new and existing users.

Common Email Marketing FAQs

Yes! Even though email is an older channel, it is still a highly effective and reliable form of communication. In order to maximize the benefits of email marketing, it’s important to target and personalize your messages to be relevant to your audience.

Users are accustomed to receiving brand communication in their inbox, so it’s often the first place they’ll check for information they need. Furthermore, it’s common to sign up for a service or create an account using your email address, so receiving account-related emails such as password resets, account confirmations, and security alerts can help you fulfill user expectations.

Compared to the limited word counts of SMS and push notifications, email also provides more room to share content and has more potential for customization. Longer content such as newsletters are well-suited to email and can provide a variety of engagement options.

As of 2020, there are 3.9 billion daily email users in the world today, with numbers expected to climb to 4.3 billion by 2023. Email doesn’t require opt-in if a user has already given their email address, but you must give all users the option to unsubscribe. Due to its popularity and established history as a marketing channel, email has some powerful benefits, even for mobile apps.

There are many different types of email marketing. Your email marketing strategy may include welcome emails, newsletters, brand story emails, promotional emails, seasonal campaigns, cart abandonment emails, re-engagement emails, and many more. It’s important to send emails that make sense for your user base.

If you have a lot of users, email marketing can cost as much as $50k per year! However, if you use OneSignal, you can create dynamic email marketing campaigns for free and scale up your messaging strategy for as little as $3 per month. Simply create a free account or contact us to learn more about our custom features and pricing options.

Yes! OneSignal makes it easy to design professional-quality emails and automate campaigns based on real-time user behavior. We offer a simple drag-and-drop design interface and pre-built email templates, so it's easy to get started without any development expertise. We also provide full HTML support, so you can import existing templates or further customize your message design to fit your brand style. Using our Journeys tool, you can also build more sophisticated cross-channel messaging campaigns from a single automation workflow.

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OneSignal is the most knowledgeable vendor in the space. It’s not just notifications, but everything that's happening in the browser landscape. I always learn a lot from my conversations with them.
Suleman Rehmani

Director of eCommerce, The Princeton Review

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