Targeted Customer Messaging and Segmentation

Create highly relevant messaging campaigns based on real-time user engagement.

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Reach the Right Audience

Add detailed filters so you can make sure you’re targeting the right audience. Or, sync audience cohorts from your preferred analytics providers. From our State of Messaging report, businesses saw an 80% lift in engagement rates for messages that use Segments.

Beach Bum Games saw 13-20% CTRs after implementing OneSignal Data Tags to segment and target users.

Get Started Quickly

We provide built-in segments so you can get up and running immediately. Choose between Subscribed Users, Engaged Users, Active Users, and Inactive Users. Leverage these segments for individual campaigns or automate customized Journeys to convert and re-engage users.

Evino drove 12% incremental revenue by leveraging Segments to target customers based on user attributes and behavior.

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Customer-Facing Teams Love OneSignal

Hear what they have to say about us.

“With more than 60 owned and operated sports sites, the USA Today Sports Media Group relies on OneSignal to get the right content in front of the right fans.”


Additional pageviews after 4 years

"We've managed to bring back tens of thousands of users to our website, generating some additional 1.5 million pageviews over the past four years."

“If somebody wants to hear about sports coverage, but not so much political coverage — or vice versa — they can make sure they're only getting notifications about those topics.”


of OneSignal users say using OneSignal is easier than their previous messaging platform.

“When we talk about making an audience more specific, using Intelligent Delivery, and using rich media, it all links back on our side to the idea of building a more targeted approach to fan engagement.”


Increase in engagement

"OneSignal has helped us reach our online customers through push and in-app messages. Engagement has increased at least 100% since we started."

“We have a couple million different players who have subscribed to OneSignal. To be able to narrow that down into a smaller number and be able to send customized and personalized messages out to a specific group of people has been really good for us.”


Average increase in ability to engage audience using OneSignal reported across survey respondents.

“It was logically much more simple to define dynamic Segments in the platform, and OneSignal has good documentation for different use cases, which is important to be able to execute campaigns by yourself without consulting with developers and Business Intelligence.”

+10% Monthly Active Users (MAU)
+50% Revenue-Generating Transactions

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