Tools & Templates

Level up your engagement strategy with these interactive assets.

Mobile Re-Engagement Toolkit

Breathe new life into dormant users and uncover your hidden growth potential using irresistible re-engagement campaigns across multiple channels.

Player Engagement Toolkit

Learn how to build a captivating, rewarding, and lucrative player engagement strategy to excel in one of the most competitive app categories.

User Journey Mapping Template

Better understand the milestones, goals, opportunities, and pain points associated with each phase of your app's user journey with this easy-to-use Google spreadsheet template.

Email QA Process Checklist

This checklist provides a comprehensive QA process that you can follow to send beautiful, effective, and error-free emails to your subscribers every time.

User Onboarding Email Checklist

This pre-launch checklist conveniently lays out every element of an effective onboarding email, from defining your approach all the way to crafting your final call-to-action.

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