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Elevate Your Game

The top 25 percent of mobile games have an average monthly retention rate of less than 4 percent. Converting players into paying customers is also becoming more expensive. Though push notifications have become the number one marketing driver for gaming studios, given these challenges, they need a smart multi-channel marketing strategy to retain their players. Notifications and in-app messaging are major drivers of successful onboarding, engagement, and retention. With very high engagement rates, SMS is a powerful way to stand out in announcing new launches or opportunities and spurring your players to action. With more space to communicate all your exciting new developments, email is a crucial driver of long-term retention. Trusted by over 30,000 Unity apps, OneSignal offers an industry-leading self-serve suite to reach your players.

Increase Sessions, Duration, and DAU/MAU

Relevant, real-time messages help your game stay top-of-mind and make your game stickier. OneSignal provides unparalleled scale and reliability in delivering notifications without delay or interruption. You can bring players back to your game and boost engagement by sending game updates, reminding players when events begin, encouraging competition, celebrating achievements, offering tips for success, and much more. Build a stronger gaming community by notifying players of mentions, follows, and other player interactions.

Drive In-game Purchases and Revenue

Notifications are a valuable tool to increase game monetization. Whether your game offers currency, lives, accessories, or more, you can leverage notifications to promote relevant offers, advertise deals, and send holiday specials to increase revenue. Notify players about available or expiring trials and upgrades to motivate them to make a purchase. More sessions also can increase ad impressions and revenue for games that monetize from digital advertising.

Master User Communication in Mobile Games

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Re-engage Players and Reduce Churn

Receiving notifications improves user retention by 15 to 20 percent. Automate customized messaging workflows with Journeys to reconnect with dormant players and give them a reason to come back to your game. Generate excitement by announcing game updates and improvements, publicizing exciting new levels or content, and sending free items or other bonuses. Investing in retention also helps improve your customer acquisition ROI and can decrease your acquisition spend.

From our State of Customer Engagement report, notifications retargeted at users who did not open the initial notification more than doubled their CTR (+111%).

Onboard Your Players to Promote Success

Create a welcome flow to streamline the player experience and walk players through setup and the rules of play. Highlight important functionality and guide your players with tips to show how they can get the most out of your game. Set up personalized nurture flows based on your players’ behaviors to spotlight each stage in the player journey. To increase subscribers, use an in-app message to reach all active players and educate them about how opting in to notifications improves their gaming experience.

OneSignal was named Unity’s first verified messaging platform partner.

Learn About Unity Partnership
Adding OneSignal to the Verified Solutions Partner program makes sense for the Unity developer community. By improving engagement and bringing players back to game play more frequently, OneSignal can increase retention and drive additional revenue opportunities for our community.
Joshua Ostrander

Director of Product Management, Unity

Boost Message Engagement

Personalizing your messaging can help encourage competition within your gaming community. For instance, you can notify players about how they rank in leaderboards or refer to specific game achievements, such as the level they just unlocked or the prize they just won. Align notifications with your native game experience by using rich media including images, gifs, sounds, and videos to make your messages more fun and engaging. Improve open rates with flexible delivery options such as Intelligent Delivery, which increases open rates by 23 percent. Gather data-driven insights by A/B testing different elements to optimize your messaging for higher engagement.

Reach the Right Audience

Your casual gamers need different motivators than your top gamers. Create targeted audience Segments with filters, data tags, and location data to improve open rates by 50 percent. Filter players based on engagement behavior, such as the amount of time played, player performance, and amount spent on in-game purchases. Automate API-triggered transactional notifications based on how the player engages with your game.

We have a couple million different players who have subscribed to OneSignal. To be able to narrow that down into a smaller number and be able to send customized and personalized messages out to a specific group of people has been really good for us. It's been a good way for us to improve our open rates.
Jonathan Kisiloski

Digital Marketing and Analytics Specialist, Blue Wizard

Analyze Performance & Build on Your Success

Analytics are important to understand how your messaging strategy impacts your bottom line. Set up Outcome tracking to monitor all the user behaviors and events you care about, without paying more for a third-party provider. You can also analyze Outcomes using multiple attribution methods, so you know what actions occurred as a direct or indirect result of your messaging campaigns. Calculate metrics with Confirmed Delivery data, which reports successful delivery to the end user, so you can gain a more accurate understanding of player engagement.

Enrich Your Messaging With Integrations

OneSignal integrates with leading analytics, CMS, eCommerce, and marketing automation solutions including Google Analytics, HubSpot, Shopify, WordPress, and many more. Create targeted funnels and audiences by linking your OneSignal account with Mixpanel, Segment, Amplitude, and more. You can also share message performance data with other analytics providers you use to gain a more holistic understanding of the factors and channels that move the needle for your game.