Custom Messaging and Push Notifications That Drive Engagement

Automate and send personalized messages based on real-time user behavior, preferences, and cross-channel engagement.

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Boost Your Conversions

Create connections with your users and send messages that are actually relevant to their experience with your product. From our State of Customer Engagement report, notifications that use personalized content have a 344% higher engagement rate than notifications that don't. And, per McKinsey, getting omnichannel personalization right could increase revenue by 5-15%.

BetterMe saw a 22% increase in retention after using OneSignal to send personalized messages.

Personalization Your Way

Deliver customized messages at scale with OneSignal's personalization suite. Easily tailor message delivery based on a target audience or time options. And personalize campaign content based on user attributes, events, location, language, and more. Leverage liquid syntax and custom data across channels to deliver the personalized experience your users expect. saw an 11% increase in average daily completed transactions after using personalized messages.

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Customer-Facing Teams Love OneSignal

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“Browser notifications are an extremely effective way to bring people back. We use them to tell our community the moment a notable product launches and when users are mentioned in comments.”


Additional pageviews after 4 years

"We've managed to bring back tens of thousands of users to our website, generating some additional 1.5 million pageviews over the past four years."

"We’re not interested in developing our own system because we understand that creating something like OneSignal will take a lot of time. It’s just easier to have something that’s already made for what you need.”


of OneSignal users say using OneSignal is easier than their previous messaging platform.

“We were able to generate more engagement with the product and were able to attribute some transactional messages to these campaigns, which we consider a huge success.”


Increase in engagement

"OneSignal has helped us reach our online customers through push and in-app messages. Engagement has increased at least 100% since we started."

“We see OneSignal as a one-stop shop for [push notifications] that we’ll be using for the foreseeable future.”


Average increase in ability to engage audience using OneSignal reported across survey respondents.

“OneSignal makes it possible for Radio Free Europe to intelligently deliver and target segmented audiences, which has drastically improved user retention and CTR across the board.”

+35% Opt-In Rates
+15% User App Retention

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