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Our founders were developers, so we understand your needs. Easily integrate best-in-class SDKs to engage users at scale. See why over a million companies trust OneSignal to deliver over 12 billion messages per day.

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OneSignal is the fastest and most reliable service to send push notifications, live activities, in-app messages, email, and SMS. Our leading SDKs make it easy for you to integrate into your app and quickly start sending notifications to drive results.

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The mobile and web development ecosystem can be complex. OneSignal leads the industry in support for different platforms and technologies, so you can focus developer resources on your core product, and we’ll take care of the messaging. Experience the value of messaging that works without having to talk to Sales.

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Send, customize, and optimize your messaging to deepen user engagement. Use our SDKs to collect information and understand how your users interact with your product so you can improve your user experience. Our platform scales with you as you grow.

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OneSignal offers comprehensive documentation with code samples in multiple languages. We’ve also open-sourced useful tools and examples. Get extra support from live streams, office hours, OneSignal Developers Discord server, and other resources in our developer community.

We launched push notifications on our React Native mobile apps. We were used to limited third-party SDK support but OneSignal proved to be the best. The docs were very clear and guided us on each step. The SDKs have good open source community support. Time to integrate and go-live was short and within the estimations.
Vignesh M.

Chief Technology Officer, Novelship