All-in-One Messaging API that Supports SMS, Push, Email, and More

A powerful way to send personalized messages at scale and build effective customer engagement strategies.

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Powerful APIs for All You Need

OneSignal’s flexible APIs empower you to send transactional and triggered messages at scale. Whether you’re sending 1-to-1 or to targeted audiences, you can easily personalize your messaging to keep your users engaged and loyal.

“When a person sends some significant amount of crypto, they wait patiently to get an alert about that…it’s crucial functionality and we love to avoid any manual work here.”

Seamless Sending

Monitor your applications through code and seamlessly send across all platforms.

Reach Multiple User Types

Send notifications to a single user, set of users, or segment

Retrieve Notification Statistics

View and export open rates, confirmed delivery count, message text, and more

Create User Segments

Create personalized messages and send them to the right audiences

Manage User Data

Update, retrieve, and delete user data

Get a Glimpse of Active Users

View a list of users who clicked a specific notification

Create and Manage Apps

Add, remove, delete, or rename Apps and Organizations

Cancel Notifications

Cancel notifications that have not yet been sent

Target Based on Filters

Target specific audiences based on user attributes such as activity and location

Our platform supports targeted messaging across a range of devices, including iOS, Android, and more.

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Unlimited API Opportunities

Data is the new gold, and OneSignal provides unlimited API calls so you can freely send and access the data you need. Compare this to our competitors, who either have monthly quotas or charge extra for API calls and data updates, which can easily 2x your cost.

“The API enabled us to build push authoring into our CMS as part of the existing publishing workflow, so producers don’t have to go to a separate system to send a push.”

High Throughput Built to Scale

Our APIs have been performance-engineered to handle many concurrent connections, allow batch operations for many calls, and easily scale with your business. We enable over 2 million developers and marketers across the globe to send over 12 billion messages per day.

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Customer-Facing Teams Love OneSignal

Hear what they have to say about us.

“OneSignal provides a Unity SDK, REST API, and a dashboard for Unity developers to deliver effective mobile push, etc., which I needed for my apps. It solved my problems in a cost effective manner.”


Additional pageviews after 4 years

"We've managed to bring back tens of thousands of users to our website, generating some additional 1.5 million pageviews over the past four years."

“We used their real-time analytics and reporting, A/B testing capabilities, and robust API to integrate with our system. These features make it a highly valued tool for improving user engagement and retention.”


of OneSignal users say using OneSignal is easier than their previous messaging platform.

“API documentation is consistent in terms of style and structure. The inclusion of helpful videos and samples enhances the learning experience and facilitates faster implementation of the API.”


Increase in engagement

"OneSignal has helped us reach our online customers through push and in-app messages. Engagement has increased at least 100% since we started."

“We didn't have to install Firebase or any other SDKs - just OneSignal and we were up and running. Using their API, the possibilities are limitless on what we can do with OneSignal.”


Average increase in ability to engage audience using OneSignal reported across survey respondents.

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