Enrich the User Experience with In-App Messaging

Onboard users, nurture loyalty, and drive revenue with highly customizable in-app messages.

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Engage All Your Users While They're Active

Onboard users, explain new functionality, send offers, and more! Leverage OneSignal’s powerful targeting to personalize messaging to defined segments or trigger messages based on user behavior.

Reach all of your users — even those who haven’t subscribed to push will get your updates.

From our State of Customer Engagement report, apps that send in-app messages report longer average session durations.

In-App Messages For Every Situation


Send reminders about abandoned carts and notify buyers about the hottest selling items. Convert 4X more with in-app messaging.


Offer personalized discounts or special prizes to users to boost retention. Incentivize users to come back for more and leave a lasting impression.


Implement quick surveys and polls and get customer feedback directly in the app without having to redirect users.

Permission Prompts

Prompt users to request push and location permissions. Increase your amount of subscribers while providing more context on what you'll be sending them.


Ask users to rate your app when they have a good experience. Improve your standing within the app store and watch the 5 star reviews roll in!


Ask users to refer their friends and community. Create more opportunities for organic growth through word of mouth!

No Code or App Store Approvals Needed

Create in-app messages that look native to your app. Easily customize design elements to match your app and brand without having to wait for designers or engineers. Drag-and-drop blocks of text, images, gifs, and buttons, and get up and running in minutes, all with no code. Or use our HTML editor for full control.

In-app messages instantly show up in your app. Built-in analytics help you optimize for engagement. Test to see what resonates with your users. Do everything without having to submit changes to iOS or Android app stores.

Easily Create Eye-Catching Interstitials Across All Your Applications in Minutes

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Effortless Pre-Prompting

Request push and location permissions for your app without making any code changes. Improve opt-in rates by explaining to users what you plan to send them before they decide to grant permission.

Control when you prompt users for permission-based on time, session count, and more than a dozen other factors. Ask for location permission to target users anywhere in the world using OneSignal's segmentation capabilities.

Communicate More with Carousel

Level up your in-app capabilities with Carousel and improve your onboarding, feature announcements, recommendations, and more. Engage your users with up to 10 screens of customizable content.

Easy Surveys and Real-time Results

Quickly survey users and see the results in real-time without having to redirect users or pay for a third-party provider. Automatically tag users based on their responses and segment for more personalized follow-up.

Common In-App Messaging FAQs

In-app messages are messages delivered to users while they're actively engaged with an app. They appear as a pop-up within the app interface and may be referred to by other names such as app interstitials and in-app notifications. Unlike push notifications, in-app messages don't require opt-in permission. This channel is incredibly versatile and can be used to create app onboarding flows or in-app surveys, share tips or promotions, and much more.

In-app messaging offers an additional level of engagement when users have your app open. They can be sent to all users or sent to specific user segments based on custom criteria or engagement triggers.

Building in-app messaging capabilities from scratch can require significant development resources, time, and maintenance. With a platform like OneSignal, you can add sophisticated in-app messaging capabilities to your app in minutes and start sending messages on the same day.

In-app messages have 18-20 times higher click-through rate than that of web push and mobile push notification and can be a great add-on to your engagement strategy. Using in-app messaging, you can encourage feature adoption with custom onboarding flows, drive conversions with personalized offers, educate users, implement surveys to collect user feedback, request app store ratings, earn push permission or location sharing permission, request referrals, and much more.

Yes! Almost all apps use some form of in-app messaging to enhance their user experience and support growth. When users are active on your app, they’re the most engaged and receptive to communication. Due to the versatile nature of this channel, it's a must-have for apps in all different categories.

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OneSignal’s in-app messaging feature is fast becoming a go-to when needing to deliver important messages to fans. We like this feature as it allows an extra level of engagement with the fan while they are within our mobile experiences and provides the flexibility to do this without the need for any app releases.
Domenic Romeo

Head of Technology, National Rugby League

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